Kitchen Remodeling Budget Guide

A lot of factors affect the cost of any remodel: materials, size, weather, work delays, contractor expenses, and unforeseen issues.

It’s important to get a good handle on your budget before you begin any remodeling project. Kitchen projects are expensive, and it’s easy for the costs to get out of hand quickly.

A lot of factors affect the cost of any remodel: materials, size, weather, work delays, contractor expenses, and unforeseen issues.

A lot of factors affect the cost of any remodel: materials, size, weather, work delays, contractor expenses, and unforeseen issues.

What you choose for materials will have the greatest impact on cost. Obviously, more expensive materials impact the bottom line, but they can also require more extensive installations, which impact your budget, too. On the flip side, if you can DIY your way through some of your remodeling, you’ll realize significant cost savings.

If your kitchen has solid cabinets in a decent configuration, there are several ways to rework them without starting over. Consider embellishing the doors, adding glass inserts, or removing doors entirely to give the kitchen a new look. A coat of paint can be transformative. Remove the doors and spray them, allowing plenty of time to dry. Or send them to a paint shop and have them professionally sprayed for a durable finish. Changing the hardware on your doors and drawers is a quick and affordable update, too. You can also remove upper cabinets and replace them with open shelves. Budget counter top materials are limited to laminate, but there are many great colors available — some even resemble natural stone. A new sink and faucet will do wonders to freshen up the kitchen. But if they aren’t necessary, perhaps a new backsplash would revive your tired kitchen. Laminate flooring or sheet vinyl is an affordable option for flooring.


For $15,000, you can afford some new stock cabinets or flat-pack — also called ready-to-assemble — cabinetry, which you buy in pieces and put together yourself. Assembly takes some work, but the savings makes this a great option. New appliances, many with professional-style features, are possible in this budget with some savvy shopping. (Don’t mistake them for true professional appliances, which can cost several thousands of dollars per appliance.) A backsplash isn’t generally a large area, but it’s an effective way to make a design statement in a kitchen. For what it costs to purchase a few special tiles, you can make a big change — and stay on budget.

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Refurbishing Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the main attractions in the kitchen is the cabinets, particularly those installed on the wall. The kitchen cabinets serve varied purposes. Beyond being a storage area for food, utensils, plates and other food containers, they also serve as display area for valuable items such as ceramic plates, cups and teapots as well as silverware. This being the case, it is of utmost importance to install an attractive cabinet made from sturdy materials.

If you wish to further beautify your existing kitchen cabinets, you can easily refurbish them without spending much. The trick is to simply change the doors instead of removing the entire structure.

Keep in mind that as long you have a sturdy frame for your cabinets, there’s no need to change it entirely. You need to only enhance or change the doors to make the structure look brand new again. Just be sure to align them properly and check that they open and close correctly.

If you want to use an entirely solid wood cabinet door or combine wood with glass, ensure that you paint them well to achieve that smooth and glossy look. Solid wood is best to use to attain that upscale look without the high price tag. Its other advantage is the fact that it can resist water. [Continue Reading…]

Kitchen Make-Over


handlesKitchens being the most to suffer from wear and tear from constant use most often precedes all other parts of a house as a candidate for a make-over. There are a lot of small things that can give an otherwise drab kitchen new life such as novelty cabinet hardware that comes in many shapes and sizes.
Go to the hardware store and take a sample with you so you get those that line-up so you don’t end up with kitchen and cabinet doors studded with holes. If the ones you have are old and you think may be of value, why not get them on ebay for another man’s junk may be gold to others. Use fancy ones that have either glass or crystal inserts to add sophistication. Got stains on the ceiling, measure out the part and order a stainless steel panel you can bolt onto the wall for some effect, it’s also a lot easier to clean.

Going Contemporary

Some key items for a beautiful, awe-inspiring, contemporary kitchen:

Counter Stool
Earthly and graceful, the Shinto Counter Stool is made of Chinese hardwood and would work well in a rustic urban setting. (ROOM & BOARD)
Can a stove be truly glamorous? The 5-burner, Double-Oven Cluny couldn’t be more so. (LANACHE)
The inky black Poliform Cabinets have beautiful sheen and spareness (POLIFORM)
Just pass your hands under the swan-necked faucet and water pours out. A kitchen first. How smart. (PASCAL CULINARY FAUCET)
Dining Table
The cut out base of the 42-inch round dining table would really stand out in a contemporary kitchen.

(House Beautiful Magazine, April 2006 Issue)

Kitchen Remodelling


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The kitchen serves as a room of a place appropriated for cooking. And by renovating your kitchen means trouble. What if you don’t have an extra space to place in your kitchen utensils and appliances? That’s really going to be a disaster since you will not have an appropriate space to cook. Don’t be too much impulsive in renovating your kitchen. Some people get carried away with their thoughts because of the television shows about kitchen renovations. It may look or seem easy in the television but when we start to do it ourselves personally we feel confused about it. So just start by getting inspiration on the style that you want your kitchen to have. If your thoughts are coming a little bit short, browse through the pages of a magazine regarding about kitchen renovations. We must also consider the cost that will be incurred in the renovation; your budget may run short during the process.