A Smart Way To Store Knives

In our last post, we looked at an innovative and efficient way to store and label spices. Now, we’ll look at another brilliant way to store and display your kitchen knives!


If cooking is your passion, you see every meal an opera, and every dish a masterpiece in the making. Thus, the maestro needs the tools of his artistry ready and within reach as he slices, dices, juliennes, and chops his way to success. Storing knives in a cupboard used to work for your grandparents and great-grandparents, but this method just won’t do for you, oh no.

Instead of drawers or even wooden blocks, why not install a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall to store and display your knives? Not only will you be able to keep these knives accessible, you will also have an interesting display that makes for instant art. This style of storage will also let you tell at a glance whether your knives need sharpening and maintenance. Make sure your magnetic strip has a strong grip on your knives for safety, and you’re all set.

photo credit: saebaryo via photopin cc