Refurbishing Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the main attractions in the kitchen is the cabinets, particularly those installed on the wall. The kitchen cabinets serve varied purposes. Beyond being a storage area for food, utensils, plates and other food containers, they also serve as display area for valuable items such as ceramic plates, cups and teapots as well as silverware. This being the case, it is of utmost importance to install an attractive cabinet made from sturdy materials.

If you wish to further beautify your existing kitchen cabinets, you can easily refurbish them without spending much. The trick is to simply change the doors instead of removing the entire structure.

Keep in mind that as long you have a sturdy frame for your cabinets, there’s no need to change it entirely. You need to only enhance or change the doors to make the structure look brand new again. Just be sure to align them properly and check that they open and close correctly.

If you want to use an entirely solid wood cabinet door or combine wood with glass, ensure that you paint them well to achieve that smooth and glossy look. Solid wood is best to use to attain that upscale look without the high price tag. Its other advantage is the fact that it can resist water.

You may use your existing hardware if you want such as the knobs and handles. Just remove the screws and the handles and set them aside. Better yet, put them inside a plastic bag or tape them together to avoid losing any part.

You can also use the same hinges if you want to save money. When attaching them to the doors, remember to attach them ideally about two inches from the top and bottom. For cabinet doors that are more than 30 inches tall, you will have to use three hinges.

Having an appropriate insurance coverage for your home is essential. This will help shoulder expenses in case the contractor you hired to do the refurbishing work damages some important materials or parts of your cabinet framework. You can request for home insurance quotes online if you plan to obtain additional coverage.

As for designs, you may choose to have a closed one or a combination of the closed and open type. You can also have a fully covered design or combine it with doors that feature glass if you want to show off some silverware, ceramic dinnerware or decorative items.

Another option is to install purely glass kitchen cabinet doors. For this style, though, you will need to make sure that the things you put inside are always organized.

Veneer is also a popular material for cabinet doors. Since they’re available in varied styles and colors, it’s easy to match them to your preferred design.

Image via apartmenttherapy