DIY Veggie Stamps


Last post, you learned how using a magnetic strip to display and store your knives can be a practical and decorative move for your kitchen. Today, we’ll focus on a more colorful and organic way to do it!

Fruit and veggie stamps are a great way to add a fun and fresh vibe to your kitchen walls. These type of stamps are also quite eco-friendly – After you’re done with your project, you can shop them up and use them as fertilizer for your garden.

Gather your tools: you’ll need a sharp knife, various vegetables and fruits, brightly-colored acrylic paint, and flat containers for the paint, like plastic dishes you won’t mind parting with. Once you’ve carefully lain out newspaper around the area, slice your vegetables in different kinds of angles. Daub the side you want in a dish of paint, and press onto a spot on the wall to stamp. Voila! You have just made your first vegetable or fruit stamp. Have fun experimenting with different colors and textures!

photo credit: Abingdon Farmers Market via photopin cc