DIY Veggie Stamps


Last post, you learned how using a magnetic strip to display and store your knives can be a practical and decorative move for your kitchen. Today, we'll focus on a more colorful and organic way to do it! Fruit and veggie stamps are a great way to … [Continue reading]

A Smart Way To Store Knives

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Smart Spice Rack!


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Another decorative trick.

There are a lot of efficient methods when it comes to adding storage areas or spaces to small, metropolitan homes. One can pick an area from one’s kitchen and change it into a very ornamental place to store your stuff. You can also put up a mini … [Continue reading]

Kitchen Phones: A Necessity?


As discussed in the last post, a vintage-inspired kitchen can put some cheer and allure to a drab kitchen. Now, let’s talk about a particular addition that can add some efficiency to this very special room in the house – a kitchen telephone. … [Continue reading]