Kitchen Remodelling


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The kitchen serves as a room of a place appropriated for cooking. And by renovating your kitchen means trouble. What if you don’t have an extra space to place in your kitchen utensils and appliances? That’s really going to be a disaster since you will not have an appropriate space to cook. Don’t be too much impulsive in renovating your kitchen. Some people get carried away with their thoughts because of the television shows about kitchen renovations. It may look or seem easy in the television but when we start to do it ourselves personally we feel confused about it. So just start by getting inspiration on the style that you want your kitchen to have. If your thoughts are coming a little bit short, browse through the pages of a magazine regarding about kitchen renovations. We must also consider the cost that will be incurred in the renovation; your budget may run short during the process.

Guide to Induction Cooking

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the stove is it’s main component. If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, why not choose a stove that’s functional as well as stylish? Check out the new induction cooktops. While it may be more expensive than conventional gas or smoothtop electric cooktops, it performs better and is the safest and most energy-efficient way to cook. Induction uses electromagnetic energy to heat the pan. The plus side is that it powers up and down fast and the heat setting adjusts instantly and with greater precision. That means no more “hot spots” and the cooking surface heats evenly. With induction cooktops, the surrounding area stays cool, and the smooth, flat surface is easy to clean, so you can wipe spills even while you’re cooking. The downside with induction cooktops is that it only works with electricity, and they only work with pans that are iron-based, such as enamelled steel, cast iron or magnetic stainless steel. So if you have glass bottomed or ceramic pans, you’ll have to replace your cookware as well.

Induction Cooktops: A great kitchen innovation (4/4)


The Induction stove-top stays cool no matter what. The heating process takes place in the cookware and not in the stove top. This is ideal because you don’t have to worry about you and your kids getting burned. YOU CAN TOUCH THE STOVE TOP WITHOUT GETTING BURNED, (unless your hand is made of iron).

Since induction stove-tops do not use gas, you would not need to worry about gas leaks and risk of getting fire. This is also recommended for people who are physically impaired because of its user- friendliness.
*Many people do not know this that gas cooking releases carbon monoxide, an invisible gas that is very harmful to your health.

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Advantages of Induction Cook-tops 2

Maximum control and accuracy

The process of induction cooking works like this: energy is given directly to the cook-ware via magnetic field; this maximizes the use of energy unlike the electric and gas stove-tops. No excess heat is generated. You have absolute control of the temperature and you can change it INSTANTLY and ACCURATELY.


Induction cook tops have a smooth surface making it easy to clean. Unlike gas stove-tops it does not accumulate grease build-ups. And it doesn’t smell like burning metal like electric stoves.
And because it is “flame-less” cook wares will not develop char marks in the bottom.

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Induction Cooktops: A great kitchen innovation (2/4)

Advantages of induction cooktops

Better energy consumption

It runs on electricity, (which is ideal because petroleum products are getting more expensive nowadays ). And because of the faster cooking time, you can save on the electricity as well.
Compared to electricity powered stove—tops induction cooktops appear to be 85-90% more energy efficient. Compared gas-driven models, induction cooktops use up about half the energy.

Faster Cooking Speed

Induction cooktops beat other models in terms of speed. This is because induction stoves heats up much faster than a gas stove or electric range can. This allows for lesser minutes staying in the kitchen.

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