Refurbishing Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the main attractions in the kitchen is the cabinets, particularly those installed on the wall. The kitchen cabinets serve varied purposes. Beyond being a storage area for food, utensils, plates and other food containers, they also serve as display area for valuable items such as ceramic plates, cups and teapots as well as silverware. This being the case, it is of utmost importance to install an attractive cabinet made from sturdy materials.

If you wish to further beautify your existing kitchen cabinets, you can easily refurbish them without spending much. The trick is to simply change the doors instead of removing the entire structure.

Keep in mind that as long you have a sturdy frame for your cabinets, there’s no need to change it entirely. You need to only enhance or change the doors to make the structure look brand new again. Just be sure to align them properly and check that they open and close correctly.

If you want to use an entirely solid wood cabinet door or combine wood with glass, ensure that you paint them well to achieve that smooth and glossy look. Solid wood is best to use to attain that upscale look without the high price tag. Its other advantage is the fact that it can resist water. [Continue Reading…]

A Smart Way To Store Knives

In our last post, we looked at an innovative and efficient way to store and label spices. Now, we’ll look at another brilliant way to store and display your kitchen knives!


If cooking is your passion, you see every meal an opera, and every dish a masterpiece in the making. Thus, the maestro needs the tools of his artistry ready and within reach as he slices, dices, juliennes, and chops his way to success. Storing knives in a cupboard used to work for your grandparents and great-grandparents, but this method just won’t do for you, oh no.

Instead of drawers or even wooden blocks, why not install a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall to store and display your knives? Not only will you be able to keep these knives accessible, you will also have an interesting display that makes for instant art. This style of storage will also let you tell at a glance whether your knives need sharpening and maintenance. Make sure your magnetic strip has a strong grip on your knives for safety, and you’re all set.

photo credit: saebaryo via photopin cc

Smart Spice Rack!


Last post, we talked about some smart space-saving ideas around your kitchen. Today, we’ll focus on another great idea you can apply to your spice rack and more!


Do you love cooking? Do you feel right at home in the kitchen? Do you consider your secret super-hero persona would wear a toque instead of a cape? Does your patronus wield a wooden spoon or spatula? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then I think we can safely say you are a certified kitchen buff, and you know it!

I can tell that you are also quite serious when it comes to your tools and cooking condiments. You know exactly where the Sriracha is, and can navigate your cupboard even with your eyes closed. However, have you ever felt you wasted precious time inspecting the sides of every spice container to see if you have the right one? Here’s a handy tip that can help you organize your spice for optimal cooking efficiency. Plus, it’ll make your kitchen even 20% cooler!

Get some blackboard chalk – if you don’t have any, you mix a cup of acrylic paint and one-and-a-half tablespoons of tile grout. Take a brush and paint the tops of each spice cap evenly and let dry for half an hour or so. Now, you can label your spice containers with chalk, and know which is which at a glance!

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Kitchen Phones: A Necessity?


As discussed in the last post, a vintage-inspired kitchen can put some cheer and allure to a drab kitchen. Now, let’s talk about a particular addition that can add some efficiency to this very special room in the house – a kitchen telephone.

Kitchen telephones are a pretty common site in most modern houses. In restaurants, phones were often installed in their cooking areas as a necessary tool. It became particularly handy to cooks and managers to call up their local green grocer, butcher, and other shops whenever their restaurant’s stocks of a particular ingredient were running dangerously low. A few home-builders and home-makers saw this as a great idea, and applied it to their own homes.

One definite advantage of having a kitchen phone is being able to receive calls in the middle of prepping a meal — as long, of course, as you’re hands aren’t too busy. In this case, it is ideal to invest in a cordless phone.

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Space, storage and kitchens


One of the most common kitchen renovations is the attempt to create more space within the confines of the kitchen. A streamlined kitchen looks beautiful, especially if carefully accented with some decorative pieces. But it is hard to streamline in a kitchen especially if there are many pots, pans, plates, etc. to contend with.

Creative renovation of the kitchen to increase storage space is the most practical renovation you can do. It is going to dramatically improve the total look of the kitchen, making it more airy and spacious. It will also allow you more room to make decorative additions to the whole area.