Kitchen Make-Over


handlesKitchens being the most to suffer from wear and tear from constant use most often precedes all other parts of a house as a candidate for a make-over. There are a lot of small things that can give an otherwise drab kitchen new life such as novelty cabinet hardware that comes in many shapes and sizes.
Go to the hardware store and take a sample with you so you get those that line-up so you don’t end up with kitchen and cabinet doors studded with holes. If the ones you have are old and you think may be of value, why not get them on ebay for another man’s junk may be gold to others. Use fancy ones that have either glass or crystal inserts to add sophistication. Got stains on the ceiling, measure out the part and order a stainless steel panel you can bolt onto the wall for some effect, it’s also a lot easier to clean.

The Single Wall or Pullman Kitchen

The Single Wall or Pullman Kitchen is designed for homes that are narrow or lacks area space. Unlike other kitchen designs this may be the most inexpensive. It is not designed to make use if the classic kitchen triangle design but it still allows an unobstructed traffic flow.

The Single wall is not the best kitchen design but it can be upgraded to either the corridor or the L-shape kitchen design, provided that there is space available.

It is best for small homes or apartment since it does not take too much space. This is the simplest modern kitchen design.

Another decorative trick.


There are a lot of efficient methods when it comes to adding storage areas or spaces to small, metropolitan homes. One can pick an area from one’s kitchen and change it into a very ornamental place to store your stuff. You can also put up a mini library in your kitchen that contains cookbooks, display glassware collectibles and cooking awards if there are any (flaunt it in the right place). Kitchen wall cabinets can also be mounted onto the ceilings. Different kinds of enhancers and decorative to improve the ambiance can be placed. Little knick-knacks or wall paintings can be placed on one side. Just make sure they’re away from any burning appliance!

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The U-shape kitchen design

The U-shape kitchen design lay out plan is pretty much similar to the corridor-shape plan only that it has a closed end. The closed end of the U shaped kitchen design provides an extra room for the gas range or a sink. This layout can utilize the classic kitchen triangle, thus maintaining a good workflow.
The U-Shaped Kitchen is very popular, be it on large or small homes because it is perfect for families who uses the kitchen often(in fact some restaurants fashion this kind of kitchen). This type of kitchen layout design provides plenty of counter space and plenty of room to maneuver allowing multiple cooks to work at the same time.

Determine the purpose of your kitchen.

Same as bathroom, the kitchen is probably one of the most complex and most costly restoration projects you can do and, honestly, it is best if we leave it to the hands of the professionals. Of course that doesn’t mean that you cannot totally interfere or suggest anything to the professionals, it’s your house in the first place. You have the control and authority whether you want your house to look this and that.


Basically, before undergoing such, you have to consider what’s going to be the purpose of your kitchen. Yes, for cooking and all, but you have to consider the other possible purposes of your kitchen. If you would want to entertain your guests there, then might as well put a breakfast nook or some sort. If you want for it to be your “mess” corner, then don’t add so much design, just extend the tabletops if it’s too small.

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