Kitchen Remodelling


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The kitchen serves as a room of a place appropriated for cooking. And by renovating your kitchen means trouble. What if you don’t have an extra space to place in your kitchen utensils and appliances? That’s really going to be a disaster since you will not have an appropriate space to cook. Don’t be too much impulsive in renovating your kitchen. Some people get carried away with their thoughts because of the television shows about kitchen renovations. It may look or seem easy in the television but when we start to do it ourselves personally we feel confused about it. So just start by getting inspiration on the style that you want your kitchen to have. If your thoughts are coming a little bit short, browse through the pages of a magazine regarding about kitchen renovations. We must also consider the cost that will be incurred in the renovation; your budget may run short during the process.

Lighting in Your Kitchen


//"tasklights"There are several ways to improve the lighting situation in a kitchen, with most resorting to the style called glare lighting with one central light kitchen designers often call “glare lighting” for it casts an ugly glare on everything and everyone in the kitchen. Three basic lighting style in your kitchen that can be cheaply achieved if they are made during a retrofit or re-make of the said space, ambient, task and accent lighting. Task lighting being the most important for it gives you the necessary light for your kitchen work allowing safe and ample light. This may seem over but it gives you light where you need it thus eliminating the need for one very large fixture for the whole space often casting shadows making it difficult to work.[Continue Reading...]

Under the Sink Storage

Many people use the underside of their sinks for storing cleaners and just about any kitchen cleaning chemicals so they are easily within reach. Having a lot of stuff down there can be confusing at times and can lead to accidents to consider having some low profile LED light strips installed so you can see what you are doing and read all the labels clearly.[Continue Reading...]

Renovating Your Kitchen

Common Situations

Kitchen renovations are high on the list of the most common home renovations. A renovation can be as simple as installing new flooring or be a major undertaking that includes enlarging the space and replacing all fixtures and finishes.

Homeowners consider kitchen renovations for many reasons including:

  • Size and design — the existing kitchen may be too small or poorly laid out.
  • Fixtures and appliances — the fixtures and appliances may be worn out, inefficient or outdated.
  • Cabinets and countertops — cabinet finishes, hardware or countertops may be outdated, need repair or replacement.
  • Structural problems — there may be problems that require structural changes or repairs.
  • Moisture — the floor, walls or finishes may be unsightly or damaged due to moisture problems.
  • Plumbing and electrical — many older kitchens don’t have enough electrical outlets and circuits. Older plumbing and plumbing fixtures may include lead or galvanized steel piping.
  • Heating and ventilation — older kitchens often have inadequate ventilation or heating systems. The area may be poorly insulated and have a high degree of air leakage, two factors that lead to high energy consumption.
  • Finishes — older finishes may be unattractive or not durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear.


DIY (Do It Yourself)

If you have a growing toddler at home, I bet you see cluttered toys around the house everyday. And you might be thinking of installing a built-in cabinets where you can keeps the toys when they are not in use, but you just can’t because you are on a tight budget. That’s where D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) comes in. I’m sure you buy bulks of diapers for your child. Don’t throw the carton. Make it useful for the second time. Improvise a toy box. If you want it long lasting, tape the openings inside then cover the outer part with linen, old ones will do. That way you helped the environment recycled a useful item, plus you have saved something for your family.

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