Smart Spice Rack!


Last post, we talked about some smart space-saving ideas around your kitchen. Today, we’ll focus on another great idea you can apply to your spice rack and more!


Do you love cooking? Do you feel right at home in the kitchen? Do you consider your secret super-hero persona would wear a toque instead of a cape? Does your patronus wield a wooden spoon or spatula? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then I think we can safely say you are a certified kitchen buff, and you know it!

I can tell that you are also quite serious when it comes to your tools and cooking condiments. You know exactly where the Sriracha is, and can navigate your cupboard even with your eyes closed. However, have you ever felt you wasted precious time inspecting the sides of every spice container to see if you have the right one? Here’s a handy tip that can help you organize your spice for optimal cooking efficiency. Plus, it’ll make your kitchen even 20% cooler!

Get some blackboard chalk – if you don’t have any, you mix a cup of acrylic paint and one-and-a-half tablespoons of tile grout. Take a brush and paint the tops of each spice cap evenly and let dry for half an hour or so. Now, you can label your spice containers with chalk, and know which is which at a glance!

photo credit: Amber Karnes via photopin cc

Another decorative trick.


There are a lot of efficient methods when it comes to adding storage areas or spaces to small, metropolitan homes. One can pick an area from one’s kitchen and change it into a very ornamental place to store your stuff. You can also put up a mini library in your kitchen that contains cookbooks, display glassware collectibles and cooking awards if there are any (flaunt it in the right place). Kitchen wall cabinets can also be mounted onto the ceilings. Different kinds of enhancers and decorative to improve the ambiance can be placed. Little knick-knacks or wall paintings can be placed on one side. Just make sure they’re away from any burning appliance!

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