Kitchen Phones: A Necessity?


As discussed in the last post, a vintage-inspired kitchen can put some cheer and allure to a drab kitchen. Now, let’s talk about a particular addition that can add some efficiency to this very special room in the house – a kitchen telephone.

Kitchen telephones are a pretty common site in most modern houses. In restaurants, phones were often installed in their cooking areas as a necessary tool. It became particularly handy to cooks and managers to call up their local green grocer, butcher, and other shops whenever their restaurant’s stocks of a particular ingredient were running dangerously low. A few home-builders and home-makers saw this as a great idea, and applied it to their own homes.

One definite advantage of having a kitchen phone is being able to receive calls in the middle of prepping a meal — as long, of course, as you’re hands aren’t too busy. In this case, it is ideal to invest in a cordless phone.

photo credit: Eric Fischer via photopin cc