DIY a Fun 50’s-inspired Kitchen With Color


Every artist needs a studio to work in, and a cook, if anything, is one of the artists of the highest order. He or she needs an excellent kitchen to create culinary masterpieces to tantalize the eyes and make the mouth water. To excite the palate, it is necessary to excite the eyes and give the brain behind them inspiration.

And then, there are average kitchen. Colorless kitchens. Drab kitchens. Kitchens that have seen better days. You’re sick and tired of staring at mottled, bone-white walls while you stew and souffle and tureen. The boredom in enough to make you cry – and you’re not even chopping onions.

Turn that yawn-worthy kitchen into something you’ll happily work in and be proud of! DIY some cheer into your kitchen with color!

Now, why the 50’s? The 50’s was a time of great kitchen activity. A happy home meant happy dinners, and happy-colored kitchens were the height of cheerfulness and energy.

Picture your kitchen walls and cabinets in robin’s egg blue, or sunshine yellow. Wallpaper was also very popular in the 50’s, and came in eclectic prints to add interest.

The U-shape kitchen design

The U-shape kitchen design lay out plan is pretty much similar to the corridor-shape plan only that it has a closed end. The closed end of the U shaped kitchen design provides an extra room for the gas range or a sink. This layout can utilize the classic kitchen triangle, thus maintaining a good workflow.
The U-Shaped Kitchen is very popular, be it on large or small homes because it is perfect for families who uses the kitchen often(in fact some restaurants fashion this kind of kitchen). This type of kitchen layout design provides plenty of counter space and plenty of room to maneuver allowing multiple cooks to work at the same time.