Color Schemes

ColorChartsWithout a doubt Home & Garden TV is one of the best places for any kitchen design idea on the web. In this video, you will see how a “Plain Jane” kitchen is turned into one with a lot of “wow” and certainly a color statement. Going to the other end of the scale, a monochromatic kitchen setting may appeal to you more. It is contemporary and sophisticated.

It is amazing how just changing the colors of your walls will make a real difference in the ambiance of your kitchen. Take a look at this kitchen, where the home owner has changed plain white walls to red. Quite a difference!

Many home owners are concerned about using color in their kitchen, and often opt for white. Using a color wheel, however, can show you how to have color in your kitchen without looking garish or overwhelming. In this video, kitchen designer Janine Peck shows you what can be done with color in a kitchen to make it seem larger and much more inviting. Use of color and window treatment is the keys here.

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