Guide to Induction Cooking

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the stove is it’s main component. If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, why not choose a stove that’s functional as well as stylish? Check out the new induction cooktops. While it may be more expensive than conventional gas or smoothtop electric cooktops, it performs better and is the safest and most energy-efficient way to cook. Induction uses electromagnetic energy to heat the pan. The plus side is that it powers up and down fast and the heat setting adjusts instantly and with greater precision. That means no more “hot spots” and the cooking surface heats evenly. With induction cooktops, the surrounding area stays cool, and the smooth, flat surface is easy to clean, so you can wipe spills even while you’re cooking. The downside with induction cooktops is that it only works with electricity, and they only work with pans that are iron-based, such as enamelled steel, cast iron or magnetic stainless steel. So if you have glass bottomed or ceramic pans, you’ll have to replace your cookware as well.