All Tiled Up

Most starter homes today have tile flooring. It is easier to maintain and one can easily get their desired look in an instant. Tile floors can easily set the theme of your kitchen. If you have checkered tiles on your floor, then chances are you have a country styled home. Now, if you want a more straight forward look, then you should get tiles that are single colored for the whole floor.

Your kitchen is one of the most used areas of your house. Tiles are very versatile but they can get a lot of abuse. Care and maintenance is very important if you want your tiled flooring to last. Tiles come in many shapes, cuts and sizes. They also come in different textures. Some tiles are glazed, and some are matte looking, others are polished. If they are not properly installed, elements like dirt and moisture easily destroys your tiles. Tiles are practical but if you do not maintain them properly, it will crack and fade away quickly.

Tile Care

Although you can mop your tiles each time it gets dirty, stains and dirt seep into it over time resulting to a dirty grout. First, you should get a good cleaning solution for your tiles. A simple detergent diluted with water can clean your dirty grout. Bleach can also be used for tiles, but make sure to dilute it very well. Do not use any acidic solutions since this may damage your tiles by discoloring it. Second, use non abrasive brushes. Clean your tiled floors like how you clean your bathroom. Brushes with soft plastic brushes do not scratch your tiles. Remember scratched tiles are very susceptible to molds. Molds can get stubborn and difficult to clean especially if they seeped deeper on to your tiles. Solutions that can combat mold and mildew build up is recommended with this kind of dilemma. Sponges can also be used for cleaning. Mop after you brush your tiles. Do not let it dry on its own as this attracts fungus and bacteria. Instead, dry your tiles with a dry cloth after you mop it.

Tile flooring is recommended for those who live in the city or in places wherein the weather is unpredictable. Choose non skid tiles to avoid any accidents in your kitchen.

Tiles can also be used to accentuate your kitchen. Choose one color from your tile if you have a designed tile like a machuka tile and create that color in to a backsplash. This design will definitely bring life in to your kitchen.