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If you’re on a tight budget and would like to have those do it yourself methods of installing things in your kitchen rather than calling a contractor, there are a lot websites on the internet that have hundreds or maybe thousands of videos to guide you. These guides are done on a step by step process so you will never get “lost” right in the middle of your renovation. ExpertVillage is a very good source of these videos. They have a wide range of how-to’s from sealing a sink, to installing your favorite tiles. Check kitchen renovations in their website to get that optimum look in your kitchen.

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Achieve that 1940’s kitchen design!


If you’re not good in mix and matching colors, why don’t you try the 1940’s look? The 1940’s look was characterized by the vibrant yet, totally opposite matching of colors such as green and red, gold and gray and so on and so forth. It still looks chic even though the 1940’s spell “vintage”.

But of course, if you wish to achieve that old school look, it comes with a price. No, not the “expensive” meaning of price but rather, you have to bust your legs when shopping for vintage collections in thrift shops. Little trinkets of vintage cars can be hanged on the wall. Also, you can buy red handled spoons and forks and match it with green placemats. Surely, the look of your home will never be the same again.

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“I can’t breathe!”: ventilation issues.


Ventilation is must in every kitchen. Before you die of suffocation, or perhaps get asthma due to the cloudy atmosphere your cooking gives off, acquire a good ventilation hood. Ventilation hoods do come in different sizes, colors and purposes. Some ventilation hoods are big so that it’ll have more power to suction the smoke and smell out your house. Some on the other hand are smaller, just right to fit the length of your stove without making your small kitchen look like a Star Trek spacecraft.

Also, hire professional contractors to do the job for you. There are a lot of good contractors out there who offer their services for a cheap fee.

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Get that extra table!


Having the family get together scheduled in your house a month from now? Maybe it’ll be great if you acquire a kitchen island or a breakfast nook. These tables in the middle of the kitchen can provide more space for storage. There are certain types of kitchen islands and nooks that have extra cabinets either on top, or on the sides. You can store your personal things here or other small appliances that you do not use all the time.

Aside from the storage issue, the top of these tables can be used as a dining area, allowing more of your relatives to sit and relax while helping you in the kitchen. Some kitchen islands also have an extra stove on top of it so you might want to serve fresh meat or seafood and give your guests freedom to cook their own choice of food.

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Measuring things up.


Before heading off to your favorite appliance store (those with lots of rebates for sure!) and buy that oven you’ve been dreaming to have, make sure you measure first the area where you intend to put it. You wouldn’t want to go back to the store and tell them it’s too small or too big for the space you’ve allotted (aside from the fact that it’s a hassle to go back and fourth, you’ll look dumb to the salesperson for not measuring the space right before you bought it). Get a pen and paper and write down the measurements in inches and centimeters. Include in your measurement the height, the width and length of your space.

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